Trial Bike Ultra

Trial Bike Ultra 2.2

Stop the bike from tilting while jumping or running over obstacles

Make your way as fast as you can through the obstacle-filled courses while trying to prevent your bike from tilting. Perform exhilarating jumps and flips to make things even more interesting.

If you love motorcycles and speed action, Trial Bike is an excellent game to entertain you and for a great adrenaline experience. You need to race across different scenarios with obstacles, you need to be cautious with obstacles and to keep your balance front and backwards to finish the race with out crashing. You need to go through a bunch of different trials to reach next levels. In the main screen you will find start, options, help, other games and web page. To begin the game you select a motorcycle, color, speed and weight, if your bike is fast and low weight it will be hard to control but with a lot of fun. In order to control the bike you need to use your keyboard, arrow key up will accelerate, arrow key down will brake left will lean your body to the front and right to the back. If you lean your body to the front or back you can do 360 spins or other tricks that will make the race more exiting and will increase your bonus points. You will enjoy different scenarios and obstacles because each race is different.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • A very good action game


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